Chris Yeung|At Large|What if the Queen visits HK again

While Hong Kong people expressed sorrow towards the death of Queen Elizabeth II, they vented out a feeling of sadness over the passing of the former colony’s good old days, and frustrations and anger over the deplorable state of the HK SAR. Listen to Chris Yeung who guides you through the sentiment in the new episode of "Groundbreaking with Sound".


  • 「四點鐘謝Sir」謝振中,任新聞統籌專員呼聲高|政府「文官」位,再由保安系統出身的人擔任

  • 國家級任務

  • EP94|英反恐行動拘港經貿辦官員,涉違英國安法將再提堂|港經濟貿易辦事處總開支增,被指偏離職能華府檢討