Walking Around: Hong Kong’s Youth Caught Between Asylum and Home (I)

In the realm of Hong Kong, where prosperity and the title of an international financial hub have long overshadowed the term “refugee”, a dramatic shift occurred after the massive anti-extradition protests in 2019. These events, largely spearheaded by the youth, marked a moment for a generation that had, until then, experienced the privileges of prosperous times.

The once-secure cocoon was ruptured with the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law in 2020. This legislative move led to the widespread arrests of pro-democracy advocates and participants in social movements, compelling many young Hongkongers to embark on solitary journeys to unfamiliar lands, seeking refuge and a new beginning.

The series titled “Hong Kong’s Youth Caught Between Asylum and Home” under Green Bean Media’s program “Walking Around”, illuminates the narratives of three young Hongkongers who have applied for asylum in the UK. Through in-depth interviews, the program aims to foster understanding among both Hongkongers and the international community about the harrowing journeys, inner struggles, and hopes for the future that go with seeking asylum.