Be Seen, Be Together

Since the introduction of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, Hong Kong has been reshaped and far from being a free and open city. Journalists have been intimidated, detained, or even sentenced.

Under these uncertainties, Hong Kong journalists continue to seek ways forward. New media outlets are formed upholding the responsibility to speak out.

With unprecedented and continued deterioration of all kinds of freedom, there is an emergence of Hong Kong diaspora all over the world, especially to the United Kingdom. Green Bean Media is established by a group of journalists who were formerly active in Hong Kong and are currently living in the UK. Despite all the challenges, we continue to have passion, hope and vision for Hong Kong.

While being overseas is an immediate reality, it allows us to create a platform, Green Bean Media, to reseed in new soil. Even if a tree falls or is uprooted, the seeds will still be scattered around; as long as there is water and air, the seeds will germinate and grow vigorously.

In the midst of challenges, we will continue to grow and use different ways to let Hongkongers in different parts of the world “Be Seen, Be Together”.