Letting Go, and Holding On

Since the age of 12, Chak Lui Chan has been captivated by the art of Cantonese Opera. Her passion for this traditional style of performance has never wavered, and she has continuously sought to explore and appreciate its beauty. To expand her performance opportunities, Chan founded the Atomic Theatre, where she could produce and perform her own works. Her ultimate goal was to create plays that would not only entertain but also speak out and resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

However, expressing herself through her art became increasingly challenging in Hong Kong. Chan made the difficult decision to leave her beloved city and start anew in the UK, a place with few opportunities to perform Cantonese Opera. Despite this setback, Chan refused to give up. Driven by her deep connection to Cantonese Opera, she began to search for ways to reconnect with this cherished art form in her new home.