Hongkongers in UK, Go Go Goal!

Many Hong Kong football fans’ knowledge of British cities comes from the names of English Premier League. Other than the EPL Big 6, there are also clubs like Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham and Leicester City.

Hongkongers continue their passion for football after moving to the UK, with football teams set up in different cities. A football champion was organised in Birmingham in July, which was the second edition, featuring 12 teams composed of Hong Kong players. The tournament took place in July, and despite some rain disruptions, the performances of the teams were not affected.

It was a long day with matches running from 9am to 7pm. The house team, Burgos FC was defeated by the Manchester Kongers last year, and the team determined to have a change. After a year of training, will they succeed in their quest and win? Regardless, their love for football binds them, and through this shared passion, these Hongkonger hope to create a sense of unity, connect the scattered community.