Essential Planning for Immigrant Journey

Many Hongkongers arriving in the UK through the BNO Visa may not have thorough plans to uproot themselves from Hong Kong and settle in another place. After more than two years, over 100,000 people have already arrived, and within different Hong Kong community organizations, there are reports of cases facing adaptation problems. Some of these issues have led to emotional or mental health problems, which not only cause distress for the family members living together but may also, if not handled properly, escalate into conflicts or even violence, directly damaging relationships among family members.

Adapting to an entirely new social and cultural environment is filled with uncertainty and difficulties. How can a family cope with these challenges and the emotional distress they bring during the immigration process? Since difficulties are inevitable, how can one prepare for them?

By sharing the experiences of two real cases and providing professional opinions, we hope audiences can find inspiration from them.